The Lazy Consultant

The Lazy Consultant. What can I say about this program? We released this program I think 2016. Super relevant today.  Don’t worry about that. A lot of people think some things are a little bit older — that is outdated. That’s absurd.

We’re only talking about that if I’m on an SEO course or something like we’re talking about technical information. And of course, technology changes fast. This is not like that because being lazy is something that we’ve had since the beginning of time and people will always be lazy.

So Lazy Consultant is my cheeky way of saying.. it’s actually an image to a Joe Karbo in his Lazy Man’s Way to Riches. But The Lazy Consultant is my process of what I went through and my mindset that I’ve used to become, at the time, a very successful consultant.

I started making zero money, then I made 10 grand a month, all the way to 70,000 dollars a month consistently in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

And It’s all about how to get clients, all the strategies I used to get clients, all the mindset, the attitude, my exact process on what you said on the phone, how to do content — it was just like how to do the consulting thing like a boss.

I have really good teachers. You know I had teachers, like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, all these guys, and I put all their stuff together. I started using them, I saw things that worked for myself, things that didn’t work for me, they’re out of context. 

So I put together this crazy-ass program full of everything from the beginning mindset. how you should deal with haters, how you should get different clients, how you should keep clients, and get more money or clients.

It can be a kind of A-Z home studies system on being a consultant, and it’s super relevant. and you won’t find much overlap with other programs. It’s not like I just watch like some sad mom and then like copied it and put it into a course myself, okay?

This is legit stuff from me in the trenches, raw dogging it. And having to make it work or I didn’t fucking eat, many times that’s what it was in the beginning. You know and I need to eat.

This program is the result of that. And the reason that a lot of people say my programs really work so well for them and cut to the cut to the chase is because they fucking cut the chase. Because what I teach is what I had to do to put the food on the table now. I had no choice, I couldn’t wait.

And so I have the unique ability. Thank God, to creatively be resourceful and come up with an interesting round of ways of getting things done that a lot of people can’t think about and I just share them with you guys.

Alright, so Lazy Consultant. If you want to be lazy, the whole idea of the lazy thing is you sit back, clients come to you. Instead of you going to them, instead of cold email and all that shit. I’m not a fan of cold email not because it doesn’t work but because of the attitude most people have when they’re going about it.

Lazy Consultant is a great program like all later programs. I believe in a Miller Mall there’s a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, send it back.

If you need to get clients. This is an excellent program for that, especially around the mindset of the successful consultant who has power where his clients don’t own him — where he is the boss of his clients.