Social Media Warfare

Social media warfare — read the sales letter below. I don’t even wanna talk about it because I won’t even begin to do justice. I thought I write a sales letter to show you all the stuff that you get. It’s pretty crazy is pretty amazing. It’s my magnum opus, and this is the program that if you’re serious about marketing yourself or your business on social media there’s nothing like it on the market yet. Nothing like it, and you’ll see why would you read below.

What is Social Media Warfare?

Are you tired of being underpaid and under-recognized?

Are you the face of your business?

If you would like to make a lot of money very quickly, this may be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why: My name is Mitch Miller, and in 2015, I was dead broke. My business was nearly bankrupt and I couldn’t even pay rent. 

Actually, I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate

Sometimes we made a lot of money in our business, and sometimes we made nothing at all.

At this particular moment in time, we had nothing. We were days away from not paying rent, payroll, and possibly thrown out on the street. 

Then, one day, I came up with a crazy idea about making a certain kind of offer to the marketplace that would get people to send me money. 

I was living in Edmonton Canada at the time and some of my friends laughed at my idea. They thought it was a big joke. They said I had no “common sense”. In fact, one guy said I was a dumbass, and my idea was so *stupid*, he felt sorry for me. 

Oh yeah? Dumbass or smart ass, this ass is gonna be rich. I still thought my idea was good so I typed up the offer and sent it out to my small audience of 2300 people on Facebook. And guess what? People did start sending me money. 

What’s the bottom line? Simply this: That 412 word post brought in $12,000 in less than 24 hours!

The crazy thing is the post took me only 14 minutes to put together. 

What was I selling? Actually, it doesn’t matter. You see, the magic is not in the product… it is in the words!

Do you have something to sell? 

If so, you can use that same *stupid* idea to create an irresistible offer of your own and sell almost anything you got!

But what if you don’t have a product or service to sell (or aren’t totally clear on what you do sell)? 

Well, you can take the tools in my system and create your own product or service from scratch and make incredible amounts of money very quickly

Since then, I have crafted 100+ promotions that brought in between $10,000 and $240,000, sometimes within 60 minutes. 

In 2018, I made two cool offers. One brought in 10 people paying me $5,000/month, the other brought in 10 people paying me $2,000/month.  

One promotion I wrote took me 9 minutes to write and at just 101 words it brought in over 80 people BEGGING me to take their $1,000 within 2 hours! 

That would have been $80,000 in two hours… Except that I limited the offer to only 10 people… so we took the $10,000 in 120 minutes, and counted it as a win lol. 

I’ve also crafted short promotions that brought in over $100,000 in a single afternoon. That is some more advanced offerings involving live events, but totally possible for you in the future. 

Not bad for a dude who had a heart attack at 21 years old and ended up on the street homeless in 2008. 

Anyway, those were just the offers I did for myself. 

For my private clients, I’ve helped make them millions… 1.3 million in 13 days, and created a 1.6 million dollar monthly revenue stream for someone in less than 100 days. 

After I perfected these promotions for myself and my own clients, I started teaching these secrets to the general public. 

And The Results Have Been Dramatic!

I’ve spent the last 24 months templating out what I do, teaching it to my students, and noting the results. As I predicted, they got results too…

In just one week, Zachary made 3x the amount of money he has ever made in a single month

Mike was struggling with $1,000 months until my system helped make him over $300,000 in 25 days.

My students and friends have been kicking ass lately, in fact, here are just a few of their success stories…

Who Is This For?

Are you the face of your business but struggle with constantly coming up with content, and crafting offers that make people go crazy?

Are you lacking a systematic, solid game plan?

Are you doing AWESOME, but want to monetize your audience better?

Are you a coach who wants more clients?

Are you a service provider who wants to be taken more seriously in the marketplace?

Are you looking to make a LOT more money per client (and have them thank you for it)?

Do you need to position yourself as the top dog in your market?

Do you want to make a LOT of money quickly with little effort?

Are you a marketing consultant who likes to keep up with new ideas and techniques so you can better serve your clients?

Do you have a restaurant, furniture store, car dealership or any other establishment you’d love to see swamped with customers?

Are you an MD, dentist, chiropractor, therapist, or any other kind of health care professional who would like to see your waiting room bursting with patients?

Do you have anything you’d like to sell? Consulting services, products, yourself?

Are you grinding your fucking ass off (while pretending to maintain some illusion of a chilled out zen monk)?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should try my “stupid ideas”. You can find out all about it in my new program called… 

Father Freedom’s social media warfare is the
only A to Z social media marketing system in the world that covers everything from positioning, content, content distribution, offer creation, campaigns, and copywriting, allowing you to turn your expertise into power, respect, money, and lifestyle faster than ever before.

My system will work for you even if: 

You are not a writer.
You have a shy personality.
You are a boring person with the personality of a wet mop.
You’ve never been able to really monetize online before.
You are strapped for time.
You are not that savvy with social media.
You are a broke ass hoe.
You don’t have a large following.
You can complete my system and be ready to make big money in as little as 3-7 days. 

There are so many strategies you can use that are ready to go to make money with right now

Social Media Warfare Is An
7 Part Program Complete With Video Lessons, Infographics, Checklists, Formulas, Frameworks, And Templates

Part 1: Step By Step Action Plan For Getting To The Top Of Your Industry

Part 2: The Formula For Fast And Powerful Market Authority

Part 3: My Tell All For Creating Legendary Content

Part 4: How To Understand Your Audience On A Scary Deep Level

Part 5: Making Irresistible Offers That Sell Like Crazy Every Time

Part 6: Have A Custom Cheat Sheet Of Irresistible Hot Buttons For All Your Offers

Part 7: My Proven Social Media Launch Campaigns For BIG Money In A Hurry 

Part One: A Step-By-Step Action Plan For 

Getting To The Top Of Your Industry

  1. You will finally get to see my Million Dollar Roadmap. I’ve identified 4 clear levels of status every single one of us goes through when traveling to the top of our industry via self promotion and influencer marketing. Think of this as your trusted guide and treasure map for getting to the top. This map will show you exactly where you are, exactly where your current focus should be, the specific challenges in front of you, your greatest opportunities, and quickest strategies to get to the next level These status levels are named: 

Status Level 1: The Lamb

Status Level 2: The Ram

Status Level 3: The Baby Goat

Status Level 4: The GOAT

Your job is to move through each level as quickly as humanly possible without skipping the key requirements within each one. For example: If you find yourself posting on social media yet nobody is really engaging that much, that tells me you are acting like you are in RAM status, while actually deep inside LAMB. Armed with this new insight (and the specific to do lists I give you), you’ll be able to quickly ascend to ACTUAL Ram status and BOOM, you are more respected and opportunities come to you faster. 

Content Type: Video + Infographic

  1. Forget Branding & Marketing Until You Do This First. Virtually every entrepreneur I know gets this backwards, and because of it, they delay big paydays. In 2008 I made this mistake and it caused me to go homeless (yikes!). This video lesson will reveal exactly why marketing and branding can KILL you if you are still at Lamb status. Heed my warning, I’ve seen thousands of cocky entrepreneurs with high hopes CRUMBLE under the weight of this mistake… Skip this lesson if you dare

Content Type: Video

  1. Master The Fundamentals Of Personal Branding In Just 20 Minutes. Most people who teach branding don’t have one. If you need to brush up on the basics, I’ve put together the most potent, critical concepts you’d learn at university, and condensed them into a single video lesson complete with swearing and inappropriate humor!

Content Type: Video

  1. The 10 Commandments Of Expert Positioning. How many of these RULES do you follow? Breaking one of these rules can sink you… Think of me like Father Moses Freedom: I’m giving you these unbreakable truths about positioning yourself as a high status leader of your industry. Here’s commandment #2: The more trouble it is to reach you, the more they will want to reach you (and the harder they will work to do so), which in turn amplifies your status in their eyes” Want the rest? I’ll reveal them to you in this lesson. 

Content Type: Video

  1. The Invisible Force Controlling Your Positioning (And You) Like A Puppet. There is an invisible hand at work that determines how much you get paid, how bad people want to give you money, and how attractive(or repulsive) you are in the marketplace. This force can NOT be overridden by your good intentions, personality, good product, or hunger to succeed. You go against this simple principle of economics and you will LOSE. But… if you harness the power of it in very simple ways… you will LITERALLY SKYROCKET to the top of your industry just like I did…

I will show you how to game the system, and I mean exactly how. 

Content Type: Video Lesson 

  1. How To Create A Legendary Sounding Bio. We all want a sick bio that does us justice but we all have trouble bragging about ourselves properly. That’s why I’m giving you my proven process and template to crafting a killer bio. Not only have I used it for myself, 10 clients paid me $1000 each last year to craft one for them. It was easy, I just used the template I created. And now it’s yours. This one template is worth the entire cost of the program, literally. 

Content Type: Template

  1. The Breaking Bad Method – My Favorite QUICK Strategy For Launching Yourself From Stranger To Household Name. This strategy was as an accident. Last year, we had a service where people paid $5,000 per month to have me personally write their social media content. We had 10 people in that program (we closed it down due to being an INSANE amount of work). This was something we did out of desperation because a few of our clients didn’t have an ENGAGED audience yet. Your # of followers are fucking useless if they don’t give a rats ass about you. So we deployed this strategy over 5 days and it worked like magic. If you are relatively unknown, this strategy will make people care about you… fast. If you HAD an engaged audience, or you have a lot of industry cred but are just getting back into the social media game… this strategy will put you back in the game

Content Type: Video + PDF Examples

  1. Developing An Unshakable Mindset & Badass Attitude Part #1, 2, & 3. Do you sometimes feel inferior to your clients? Maybe you feel like they have control over you. Maybe they micromanage you too much, or you have to walk on eggshells afraid you might lose them. Imagine the script was flipped. Imagine they were afraid to lose YOU. Imagine they let you just do your thing and actually took your suggestions seriously. Imagine never feeling unqualified to do business with someone again. Imagine feeling completely cool, confident, and in control when it came to sales calls. This is exactly why I created this 3 part training series. I truly believe this series will change the game for you.

Content Type: 3 Part Video Series

Part 2: The Formula For Fast And 

Powerful Market Authority

The next thing I give you is my “Authority Pyramid” for quick power positioning in your industry. 

I became one of the leaders of my industry pretty quickly. I did that by combining a few people’s methods (Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Seth Godin), and to my surprise I started deploying my own unique positioning strategies that began to raise my status and put me on the map quickly. 

I also give you a 2+ hour training on exactly how to become one of the top dogs of your industry, step- by-step.

My step-by-step framework will work for anyone, regardless of gender, industry, or personality. It is the underlying universal psychological framework that makes all this work. Yes, you can be yourself and still get to the top.  

  1. The Authority Pyramid Revealed. The big problem when positioning ourselves and growing our influence is we can’t see our own blind spots. And those blind spots that hold us back from success. Another problem is most teachers don’t even know what these blind spots are. I do. Not only that, I am the first teacher in our industry to create a way to actively troubleshoot your own level of authority and influence in real time. I’ve created the first ever, step-by-step formula for authority. I dub it: The Authority Pyramid. In fact, here’s a peek of it on the next page…

With this pyramid by your side, you’ll land so many clients your head will spin. In This multi-video training series, I go through each level of The Authority Pyramid in detail and how to use it, including video lessons and cheat sheets such as: 

How to have a strong message
Become a living icon
The repulsive success factor
Shaping public perception of you
12 Step process to discovering your values cheat sheet
Uncovering your persona
Persona & archetype cheat sheet
How to brag and show off properly
The 7 levels of proof
The magic of scarcity (4 types and how to use them)
The entertainment factor
Reputation creation cheat sheet

Content Type: Infographic + Cheat Sheets + 13 Part Video Series

Part 3: Creating Killer Content

  1. The Wheel Of Value. I’ve created and posted content multiple times per day since August 2014. The only day I took off was when I went to North Korea. Not only did I post, I also TRACKED everything. Likes, comments, you name it. I have excel sheets full of data and data doesn’t lie. I know exactly what type of content works and what doesn’t. In my obsessive study of this shit, I’ve uncovered 6 types of content you need to consistently deploy. This is a holistic process. For example, on side of the wheel is EDUCATION. You must be educating your market on how to solve their problems. We all know this one, in fact, this is usually the only one we do, or at least lean on it too much like a crutch. You must equally revolve the other 5 types of content. Do you know the other 5 types? There are many types of content, but these are the ones that actually MATTER. The synergy between all of them will make people trust and buy from you more.  

Content Type: Video + Infographic

  1. Watch Me Write A SICK Post In Real Time While Breaking Down One Of My Private Formulas For You. My posts and articles are considered some of the world’s best BY some of the world’s best. Ever wonder how I come up with the sickest value bomb posts day after day? Wonder no more because you can look over my shoulder as I create one for myself while showing you exactly what I’m doing. I pull back the curtain and hold nothing back. If you are a nerd like me, you’ll go crazy for the THREE AND A HALF HOUR BREAKDOWN ON JUST THIS ONE POST. My articles only take me 10 minutes to write but I slowed the process down and analyze this with you like you are my side-by-side apprentice so you know exactly how it’s done on a high level. 

Content Type: Live Demonstration Video

  1. Decoding The Secrets Of Engaging Content. Would you like to have content people actually celebrate you for? Respect you for? Comment on? Share? Like, love, and laugh at? How bout BUY from? I’ll be giving you my templates and formulas for making offers that pull in 10-240k from a single post but for now… you need to get good at nurturing your audience. Better content DOES mean more sales. And that means you MUST create engaging content. This is a two hour masterclass that will show you exactly how to do it. I give you the secrets and hold nothing back

Content Type: Deep Dive Video Masterclass

  1. Creating POWERFUL & EMOTIONAL Content To Make Your Audience addicted to You. Now that you can create engaging content, you need to make people FEEL that content and feel it hard. If you want to add another level of intensity to your content, this masterclass is for you. I’ll reveal how to create an emotional connection with your audience. That connection will lead to more sales at higher price points. You need this. 

Content Type: Deep Dive Video Masterclass

Part 4: How To Understand Your

 Audience On A Scary Deep Level

  1. Market Research Is Dead & Niches Are For Bitches. David Ogilvy, the most legendary and successful advertising man of the last 200 years was asked what one thing can I do to ensure my marketing is successful? He said “Market research”. Know what’s tragic? 95 out of 100 entrepreneurs don’t even do it… and the 10 who do? Do it wrong. The truth is most marketing today misses the point and doesn’t sell. OR… sells just enough to make you think you are doing it right, when you could be making so much more money. Market research is knowing what your market wants from YOU. Wouldn’t it make sense to know exactly what they want instead of guessing or copying your clueless competitors? Lucky for you I created…

Content Type: Video

  1. A New And Fun Way To Do Market Research! In this lesson I reveal my “Meta Model” for instantly understanding your market. It’s scary accurate and simple to do. I created this for YOU. I intuitively know this stuff but I found many of my students don’t. You’ll surprise yourself how much better you become at predicting behavior, and knowing those hot buttons that make them buy from you. I feel sorry for people who don’t have my meta model method because good luck competing with those of us who have it. 

Included in this training series are lessons, videos, and cheat sheets like: 

Master Status – The End All Be All Of Understanding Someone In 10 Seconds Or Less 
The Political Spectrum – How To Tap Into Their Moral Code For Fun And Profit
Their Religious Beliefs: A Window Into Morality And Unconscious Biases
Their Career: Will Tell You A Lot About Their Personality
Hot Buttons Based On Their Career/Niche Cheat Sheet
The ESBI Quadrant: You GOTTA Know Which One They Are!
The 3 Levels Of Age And Why They Matter GREATLY
Universal Hidden Truths About All People Nobody Ever Seems To Tell You

Content Type: 8 Part Video Series + Cheat Sheet

Part 5: Making Irresistible Offers That 

Sell Like Crazy Every Time

I start the next part of the program by giving you my private stash, a zip file of 130+ templates

Any kind of product or service you want to sell, I’ve sold it, screenshotted it, and templated it for you

Then, I spend over 6 hours taking you behind the scenes of these little offers (remember, some are just 101 words long), exactly why they work, the psychology behind each line, and analyzing other people’s offers… to show you what works and what doesn’t work because the truth is… What most people do just doesn’t really… work. 

My offers have repeatedly pulled:
$10,000 in 60 minutes
$12,000 in 4 days
$11,000 a month revenue stream created in 2 days
$240,000k per year revenue stream created in 6 days
$60,000 in 3 weeks
$170,000 in two days

It’s all here – how I do it, examples, templates, line-by-line analysis, and how you can replicate my offers for yourself. 

  1. Download 130+ Of My Proven Offer Templates. This is the meat of the program, or if you are a vegan? eat some meat you hippie. These templates are as good as money. Want proof? Literally as I’m writing this, Marius posted an offer to his group he crafted using my templates. He made $18,000 in 40 minutes 

It doesn’t matter what niche or industry you are in, I don’t care if you are male or female, young or old, black or purple: If you sell a service, information, coaching, or consulting, these offers WILL work for you as they have for many others. A few of the templates included are: 

Free webinars
Paid webinars
Birthday offers
Quick cash injection high ticket service
Consulting offers
Contest offers
Group coaching offers
High priced, in-person workshops
Low priced seminars
High priced service
Generating sales calls
Gauging interest for something
Information course, high price
Information course, low price
Black Friday sale
Sneaky service that gets you paid twice
High end mastermind
Selling a book
Selling event recordings
Sneaky client getting
Low priced monthly subscription ($10-47/mo.)
High priced monthly subscription ($2,000-5,000/mo.)

Content Type: Templates

  1. Line-By-Line Analysis Of My Proven Offer Templates. I care about you making so much damn money with this program, I spend 4 riveting hours going through my most popular and highest revenue offers. If you just want the templates, that’s cool, take em, copy em, and use em. But if you want to go deeper, and to really see behind the scenes of WHY these offers work so well, this is your express lane to expert knowledge. I don’t know anyone else who has done this for you. 

Content Type: 4 Hour Video Analysis Of My Offers

  1. My Secret Weapon: 130 Point Copy & Offer Cheat Sheet. Imagine you have to write a post, make an offer, write an email, hell, write ANYTHING… now imagine you want that piece of writing to be the best it can be but you have one of two problems, either A) you suck at writing and it pisses you off B) you like writing but your blind spots are bigger than Beyonce’s ass cheeks. What to do? Well, it’s too expensive to have me come to your house and say “dude, just do this. Add this. Remove this word. Make sure you say this. Perfect!” So instead I’ve gone ahead and just given you my PRIVATE checklist. This list makes damn sure I don’t miss anything when I need to be persuasive. As long as you have this list near you when you write something, you can’t lose. I’m dead fucking serious. You need this checklist. It is my secret weapon and now it’s yours. 

Content Type: Checklist

  1. My Secret Cheat Sheet For Injecting Emotion Into My Message. Only my highest paying students have this. Want it? You got it! This cheat sheet includes a list of emotional states categorised by how you want them to feel based on what they are going through. Using this will amplify your copy instantly. Remember: the more you make them feel, the more they will feel connected to you. I did not create this list, a very respected organization did but they never expected it would be used in the marketing world… and it isn’t! Except by me and my clients. 

Content Type: Cheat Sheet

  1. Take A Look At Student Examples Of Offers That Crush! It’s one thing to look at my offers and templates, it’s a whole nother thing to see the offers of my students crush it too. These examples will give you the confidence you need to put these offers to work for you in your own business, in your own voice!

Content Type: PDF

Part 6: You Need A Custom Cheat Sheet Of Irresistible 

Hot Buttons And Content Ideas For All Your Offers

I start by giving you my personal cheat sheet template for knowing the hidden psychology of your audience. 

Once you have this, you have the keys to the kingdom

We go through it together on video, doing it together until it’s perfect. 

I even provide you with my own personal cheat sheet, along with student examples of great ones and terrible ones. I also go one step further and critique student cheat sheets in real time for you.

By the time you are finished putting this part of the system to work for you, you will have so much clarity and confidence about exactly why they will buy from you, you won’t even know what to do with your newfound excitement. 

This is the clarity you’ve been looking for all these years. 

Once you have this cheat sheet completed, it will serve you for your entire career. This one cheat sheet alone will make you millions of dollars over the life of your career. 

  1. Clarity = Money. I put together an entire training workshop on crafting a “one sheet”, a document you have around that is like your quick, need to make an offer or make some content but I don’t know what to do… just look at your sheet and you’ll know exactly what to do… and clearly. The lessons in this training suite includes video lessons and templates such as:


    The cheat sheet template
    The Bullseye
    The problems
    Reasons why & the mechanism
    Biases & solutions
    Painting the idea & the one big claim
    Making your offer hard (not like that sicko)
    The “nuts & bolts” 
    Completed cheat sheet example
    The most perfect customer avatar example in the world
    6 student examples

Content Type: Video series + Template + PDF Examples

Part 7: My Proven Social Media Launch 

Campaigns For BIG Money

Once you’ve positioned yourself properly, and crafted a super sick offer people will trip over themselves to buy, now it’s time to deploy it out on social media – just don’t make the same mistake most amateurs do: Launch without a clear game plan and launch strategy. 

Just follow my Accordion strategy. 

You can launch your offer over 4, 7 or even 14 days and my strategy remains the same. I’ve created a day by day social media launch game plan for MAXIMUM sales. 

See, your offer and position will be so sick that yes, you will sell… but we want the most sales. That’s why we take the time to unfold a game plan. It’s actually simple and easy – just copy what my students and I do…. just Copy & Profit

  1. Having A Social Media Launch That Actually Sells. Imagine that every time you launched something, it was a success. You make the money you want to make and life has this light feeling to it. You walk with a swagger because you know you can create money on demand! I know this because I live it every day. My life is awesome. All those people who say being an entrepreneur is miserable are just doing it wrong, or are just miserable people. Compared to when I worked at Pizza Hut? This is AWESOME. Now that you have created your irresistible offers, you want to launch them through various campaigns so you maximize the visibility of you offer and get as many people as possible to buy from you!

Content Type: Video

  1. The 14 Day “accordian” Battle Plan. In this video I outline a full 14 day launch. This includes some super sneaky strategies and tactics you could never think up on your own. Neither could I as these can only come from experience and trying out a lot of different things. Want the best launch strategy? One that has served me for 5 years now? This is it. What’s cool about it is its an accordion, meaning you can shrink it to 4 days or you can expand it to 30. If you’d like to make 5-20x the return on your offers and posts, this is the training for you. Would you like a small taste of this campaign? Here’s an example… 

When you reach the point in the launch where you are going to drop your actual offer, make sure you do The Opposed Sandwich. It doesn’t matter if you are on FB, Insta, or Linkedin, the process is the same. 

Step 1: Post a testimonial, case study, or proof of result

Step 2: 3 hours later, post your offer

Step 3: 30 minutes later post a controversial or similar question that will get everyone talking on your page. Below is an example of such question

When you do this today, a couple cool things are going to happen for you:  

You are providing proof before you sell.
You are getting a TON of engagement on your page from the “question” because offer posts always get less engagement.
The algorithm will now show your offer post to more people because your page is relevant and more active due to the other posts surrounding your offer.
The people who answer your question will check out your profile and see your offer when they may not have otherwise

My accordion launch plan will work for you and it’s a solid framework to make all kinds of launches on social media because the strategies I outline are specifically tailored to exploit the “social” aspect of social media. Put this to work for your offers to maximize revenue.    

Content Type: Video + Template

I’ve Already Done The Hard Work

I can’t stress this enough – most of the work is done for you. Just plug in a few things, follow my direction, and let my process take care of the rest. Remember – it’s not about what you sell, it’s about how you sell it. 

When you get in, you are gonna get all the videos, step by step cheat sheets, templates, and tools my students and I have used to monetize on social media. 

Let me be clear: You will NOT find this stuff for free online – My stuff is proprietary, I ripped nobody off, I do not regurgitate other people’s shit… 

My program is the real deal. 

Not only have I proven these secrets to myself, I’ve also proven them with my students, people who are NOT like me… and they’ve had great success too 

Now it’s your turn, and with my help, you can’t fail. 

I’m not gonna hard sell this to you, but i’ll let the godfather of internet marketing do it for me.  

Meet Mark Joyner

I am particularly proud of this endorsement, because if this dude comes to me for advice (as I also come to him), then you need to be paying attention too

When the man who invented the tracking pixel, first PPC engine in the world before Google Adwords, and the man Russell Brunson credits as his first mentor… says: 

“If you’re the guy who wrote ‘the book’ on offers, where do you go to up your offer game?  

You seek out the folks making the most effective offers and you study them like a mofo, of course.  There are some great minds to choose from, but when it comes to making organic offers on social?  

There’s one clear choice:  Mitch Miller.  

When you can, with a single facebook post, get 100 people to fly to Puerto Rico to see you live, you’ve elevated organic marketing to an art form.  

Mitch will open up new revenue streams for you that you didn’t think existed.  And he’ll show you how to squeeze more money out of your existing offers, too.  Probably more than you think is possible. (A lot more.)” 

 – Mark Joyner, #1 Bestselling Author of “The Irresistible Offer”

… That’s a pretty solid indication you are making the right choice investing in my system today. 

Plus I have a simple money back guarantee: If you don’t like it, I give your money back. Too easy. 

So How Much Is This Program?

When I rolled out the initial test of this program a few months ago, the investment was a down payment of $2,000 and $3,000 payable in a future installment. I priced it at $5,000 because it also included private 1-1 calls and direct help. I did it so I could gather enough research knock this out of the park for you.

People loved the program so much, check THIS out: 

One student got so much out of my program that he demanded to pay the remaining balance early!

You don’t have to pay me $5,000 today. Enough with high ticket for now, let’s do the “right ticket”. Something affordable for everyone. 

The investment in my system is a one time payment of only $997. 

Here’s What To Do Next

Click The Link Below And We’ll Get Rockin: 


I put some killer bonuses inside the system for you. Here are a few.

Secrets To Hacking Social Status For Massive Power And Profit. In this 1.5 hour presentation, I reveal secrets of gaining high social status in your market. I break down the psychology to a crazy degree along with follow along examples. I analyze people like Tai Lopez and outline why people like him become so popular. I also pull from my 10+ years experience in the dating industry. If you’d like to “game” the system, this bonus presentation is for you. I reveal mind control techniques, positioning strategies, sales pitch sequences, and super secret meta level concepts that elude even some of the best marketers in the world. You’ll walk away with a step by step action plan you can use to double the amount of money you make in less than a month if you choose to apply it.

Content Type: Video

The $1,640,000 Case Study. Would you spend $30,200 one time to make $1,654,000? A few years ago we participated in a marketing campaign that made 1.6 million dollars per month in gross profit in less than 60 days, spending only $30,200 to do it.

It was pretty crazy, and I’d like to show you everything, including:

– The sales letter
– The webpages
– The emails
– The ads (and who ran them)
– Exactly how it performed
– The flow and the “big picture” of it all 
– What really made it work 
– What I would change if I had to do it again TODAY

Not only do I want to show the materials to you, I’m also going to just give them to you. I analyze the campaign, show you exactly why it was a success, and go through the sales letter line by line with you. In a period of a couple hours, you’ll have a powerful new framework YOU can go use in WHATEVER niche or industry you are in, because this campaign was NOT, I repeat, not in the internet marketing niche or anything close to it.

Content Type: Video Workshop

‘10k Magic’ Masterclass: High Ticket Paydays With Ease – My Process & Frameworks to close deals ranging from 10-50k. Do you want to be paid more… taken more seriously… and have a waiting list of high quality clients begging you to do business with them?” Say goodbye to proposals, accepting low fees, competing with “those other sheep”, getting paid LAST or begging for business ever again. In this workshop, I reveal my proven process I used from 2014-2018 for getting and closing deals. I show you what I say to get calls, and exactly what I say to close deals. A pretty cool look into my former process. Why don’t I use it anymore? Because I don’t take on clients anymore but the formula and process is gold. It’s also good to take a look at this because not too many people attack the game this way so you will be a breath of fresh air in your market

Content Type: Video Workshop


You get LIFETIME access to this system. That means as I continually add to it, making it better and better, you never have to pay to upgrade 🙂

Remember, my system works if you are the face of your business and you want to market yourself and your business better. You may only be a few days away from a giant chunk of cash hitting your bank account, I do NOT play around. We make money together. Period. 

Good luck, 
Father Freedom. 

P.S. If you are still on the fence whether or not to invest in this (even considering my risk-free guarantee, and overwhelming proof), take a peek at this very personal letter someone wrote me not too long ago. It brought me to tears and I don’t even have feelings. 

I believe you will do the right thing for the future of your business by putting to use the most important skill you can ever acquire: Making them buy from YOU over them. 

It’s your turn to shine like a bald spot in the sun. Here’s the letter 🙂


“It happened a little over a year ago. 
The one sentence that changed my life forever.
“We’re done”.
I was on vacation with my family. And my wife ended out marriage without warning.
She kicked me out and left me in the middle of nowhere, with no money and no place to go.
Miraculously, a friend of mine was actually in town and offered to pick me up.
I spent the night sleeping on a strangers cement floor wondering where my life was going .
Now, this might not sound devastating to some. But I lost everything that day. My wife. My kids. My family. My home. My way of life. Even my mental health. I didn’t know what to do. I was essentially homeless. 
So how did you change my life, Mitch?
That night I decided not to give up hope. I used to be a successful copywriter but struggled to get back on my feet the year prior after losing my father.
Then I came across a post you’d written Mitch. You were promoting your Consulting course.  And something you wrote rang true for me.
So I messaged you. I knew if I had to change my life, I needed to take some drastic action. I asked you about your program. I mentioned what had happened. And I still remember what your reply to this day.
You said “You know what? I’m in a generous mood”. And gave me the course for free. 
Now, that might not seem like a lot. But when you’re bleeding on the inside and penniless, that was like winning the lottery. Not only that, it felt like the universe had my back. 
The following weeks poured through the course and took thorough notes.
I still remember one video where you gave us permission to finally call ourselves experts. I realized I was still waiting for someone else to say “it’s ok now.  You deserve to be your best now”.
From that day forward, I grew. Over time, I purchased every course you put out.
The confidence course. The Silver tongue course (it helped to deal with my wife). And even the monthly membership. I still remember how it felt to lie in the middle of the mall for several minutes and realize no one gave a crap what I did. Others judgments of me were like water off a duck’s back.
I’d love to tell you that I’m this uber rich, successful copywriter who’s making millions (not yet but I’m getting there).
What I can tell you is you helped me stand up when I wanted to bury myself 6 feet under. (yeah,  I spent a few weeks battling that for a while)  Your small and simple lessons, and posts, strengthened me a little at a time. 
Even things like knowing you grew up in Edmonton (I’m from there) and sharing the tragedies of your life inspired me to believe I could change my life.
Over the last year, you’ve helped me slowly regain my confidence.  As a copywriter and man. You’ve blessed me with inspiration to be better, to disbelieve the negative lies culture, family and society place on you. And you’ve helped me experience tragedy as my greatest strength.
I’ve hung in there. And even though I’m nowhere close to where I want to be yet, I now feel permission to not only dream but believe my dreams are possible.
Over the last several months, with the work of a therapist, I discovered I had PTSD from Narcissistic Abuse (yeah, I know. Sounds like a made up disorder but I’ve been treating it and haven’t felt this good in years). And since then, my life’s drastically turning around.
Here’s the thing:
I honestly don’t know where I’d be if it hadn’t been for your small and simple gesture of giving me access to that course. Honestly, I think that little hope kept me from getting trapped in suicidal thoughts. 
I wish I could tell you, you helped me make millions (the day is still young, as they like to say)…but I can say you’ve left an impression in my life that will last forever. Through your teachings. Your lessons. And even your posts.  Your life, wisdom and courses act as an anchor to me. Every day they tell me “dude, this is possible. Just hang in there like Mitch. Put in the work. And keep going. You’ll get there. I promise”.
I might not ever have mansions or 2-3 homes or be location independent.  But if I can rise above the mess I created of my life,find inner peace, self-acceptance and serve unreservedly, as you do, I know I’ll die a happy man.
No one is perfect. Including you. But you’ve transformed every experience, setback and challenge in your life into gold. Inside and out. And that my friend, is something that helps me wake up every day and kick my silent inner critic’s arse each and every day.
And I have you to thank you for that.
So there you have it, Mitch. That’s how you’ve changed my life. 
Thank you so much for all you do. And for what you’ve given me. Inside and out.
I feel like I’m finally coming back myself after a long hard journey. 
And the next time tragedy strikes, I’ll be that much stronger, wiser and adaptable because of what you’ve given.
Keep doing what you’re doing my friend.
Kindest Regards,
Daniel Sanchez



What if I buy it and don’t really like it? Return it for a refund, duh. 

Do I have to be a good writer to do this? No. You can simply swipe and deploy if you like – there’s no real need to get creative unless you want to. It’s easy, most people over-complicate this. Writing is just a small part of this program and you can do all video if you want. This is primarily a positioning and social media marketing program.

Does this have everything I need? If your goal is to have everything you do perform 100-1000% better than they do right now, then yes – we give you everything you need. 

This is not a “let’s throw a bunch of extra stuff in here to make it look impressive” program… I only want to give you exactly what you need to make money with FAST.

My finances are tight, should I really be buying this? Yes. Stop acting like a little bitch. Making money online is impossible without knowing how to convince someone to buy something. 

In fact – this kind of training is the only thing you should be investing in right now. Funnels, Facebook ads, all of that crap is useless if you can’t put a persuasive message inside of those things. 

If you are almost broke, GOOD. Knowing how to be persuasive and be positioned properly will allow you to not only make more money online, but everywhere in your life! 

Not being able to afford this is literally the reason you need to find a way to buy it now. This program isn’t even really about making money, it’s much deeper than that – it’s about harnessing the power of words and positioning to be, do, and have anything you desire in life. 

Other people sell similar stuff, why should I buy from YOU? You don’t have to. Go buy their stuff. I’ve bought their stuff too, it’s good. Everyone has their own secrets and perspectives. 

Will this really work for me? Yes. This will work for everyone. Anyone can buy this but only the hungry will have the guts. 

Can I trust you? 

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