Shit To Think About While Shitting

So this book is called Shit To Think About While Shitting. It is a really thick book and it’s a picture of me sitting in the toilet like a king, like a boss on the throne. It’s a 160-fresh, legit articles on business and marketing.

It is a low commitment book. You can pick it up, put it back down, pick it up a week later and put it back down. I guarantee no matter what page you’ll pull on, you will get something really good out of it. And that’s what it’s meant for! A lot of these articles, a lot of these chapters, are one-paged. Some of them are even one-liner.

The advice inside of it comes from me doing it, and I only teach the stuff that I’ve done that has worked — that has made millions of dollars, that made a lot of money, that impacted lived — all that types of shit.

So, this is not your typical “guru bullshit book” because the truth is, as much as I can be considered as some of “guru,” I don’t. Fucking hate all that shit.

This is another book that I recommend you get. There is a trilogy. There are three books in this trilogy: (1) Follow The White Rabbit. This is the second one, and the third one I haven’t put together yet but I have all the content. It’s ready to go.

All my other books are different types of books, and I highly recommend you pick them up too or look at the videos that I’m gonna make for those as well.

This is a book that you should pick up. You should have it in your library. I don’t know a single person who bought it who says, “It wasn’t worth the money.”

In the sea of bullshit, I think the truth is in order.