Follow The White Rabbit

Okay let’s talk about this book. So this one’s called Follow The White Rabbit. This book is a collection of my best articles from 2015 to 2017. I’ve written over and hundreds and hundreds of articles during that timeframe, and I put my favorite, best, and most well-received hundred and sixty of them here, And so this book has a hundred and sixty chapters which is a hundred and sixty different articles all sorts of amazing stuff on here.

This is the type of content that I’m known for that has changed people’s lives. What makes this book worth buying in my opinion is that you can consume a chapter or an article in five minutes. And that’s amazing because there’s so much wisdom — I stroke my dick too much — contained in each chapter or each article that it gives you something that you want for even the whole week.

What I think makes this unique and different is two things: (1) I only write about things that I’ve done (2) I’m currently doing. 

So, all the advice that’s psychological economics, business, marketing, advertising, copy — they are all things that I’ve done and that actually works. And it was cool. This is also a book of a journey in a way through time.

So, as I was doing all the experiments, as I was going about the league as business, I would write advice about what I was doing at work. And it’s chronicle along, and so you get to see a progression too.

I think that what’s unique about this is the fact that the advice is legit because it was done in real time as I was actually doing this. I need to correct myself in here sometimes too if I think I was off on something.

This book contains from the best that I can surmise. The truth about succeeding in business in life because I was watching somebody go from nothing to something through the process of writing about it. There’s a lot of harsh reasons here and a lot of brutal truth.

People who buy this book — and I think we sold it in 50 countries now — I had people, no joke, come up to me in an airport, in the streets of the Philippines one time, and in a nightclub in California in LA, pulled the book out of his back pocket and said, “Dude, this book means so much to me. I ride on a plane on the way here.”

These books made it around the world which is super cool, and if you are familiar with my writing at all, then you’ll love this book. I think you should absolutely make it up.