Copy Penthouse

This is one of the very first home study programs that I released. I actually put off releasing home study courses for many years because I want to make sure that something is unique. And I didn’t want to put out anything to say I released courses. That’s not how I roll.


I have a legacy to leave of unique works, and so this is Copy Penthouse. I refrain from teaching copywriting for many years because I was just doing it. I was just collecting insights on how I do it.

So Copy Penthouse came out of a need that audience had and has for copywriting training that kind of gets to the point but also backed by that deep wisdom that can only come from doing it. 

Bt the time that I release Copy Penthouse, this program is now 5 years old, although everything in there is absolutely timeless, absolutely up-to-date, and beats the pants of shit out of these copywriting courses that you see out there like Dan Lock and stuff like that. Jason Capitol, I mean those guys are fucking full of shit. They sure know how to sell something though they’re incredible at their domain, I wouldn’t disrespect them as people. Though I do know personally that Dan got some bullshit he needs to work on but when it comes to copywriting I mean give me a fucking break.

You wanna learn from somebody who does it every day and who’s down on the tranches and fucking gets results. And so, it’s easy to talk like you know something but it’s a whole other thing to actually know it to a point where you’re actually kind of qualified to actually teach someone for real.

Copy Penthouse is the foundational basics of how I actually write copy. Everybody’s different in a way. This is for you if you still need to grasp the fundamentals, the structuring of how to write copy, what kind of word to use, what to say before, what to say something else, what never to say after saying something else or before that, to understand who are you talking to, what are the true motivations?

What are their dreams and fears? Fuck that. There are way more important things than that, way more important reason why they buy than just their fears or dreams, way deeper things than that.

And I’ll show you guys how to find them and get them and bring them out because this is not only a video training course on copywriting. This also includes templates, not copywriting templates for sales letters, but the headline template. We have customer avatar templates. We have all sorts of tools on shortcutting this process as much possible because the truth is copywriting, for most people, isn’t that fun to do.

It’s kind of unnecessary evil especially if you’re not in the position to have a shitload of money to hire somebody to write it for you. You kind of gotta figure out for yourself to a point, which I think everybody should do whether or not you end up writing it. Or the copywriting comes out from your mouth, or you hire somebody but least you know how not to get rip off. Everybody needs to know the fundamentals of copywriting because it’s the fundamentals of sales itself. And so, if you don’t know that they’re gonna be taking for a ride and it’s gonna be a very expensive process. Just kind of throwing stuff on the wall, seeing what sticks.

So you need a format. You need a structure. You need to know how to understand copywriting works.

Copy Penthouse is one of the best programs I ever put out, changed a lot of lives, it really has. I think there are some of the testimonials here that you guys will see and its a program that everybody should pick up.

It’s going to give you clarity and peace of mind that you know how to structure a sales pitch without guessing and have a pretty damn good idea of whether or not it will work. I believe there are 17 or 18 sections in the course, and there are all sorts of bonuses as far as templates and tools and resources that you can use to shortcut this process. 

Copywriting — that’s what you want. I recommend you to pick up Copy Penthouse and also I highly recommend you pick up the writing clinics and little workshops that I’ve done.

I think that in this Miller Mall as well. I’m not sure what they have in store for this as their licensing my material to make sure they get in the hands to more people. But Copy Penthouse and any other writing clinics are so good for your development and how I recommend I’ve had very few people of 5 or 6 years now tell me that they didn’t like the program. I actually don’t know one. But I could just be biased and block that out. Anyway Copy Penthouse, get the program.